Seed to Science is partnered directly with farms and facilities so we can offer competitive prices and comfort as to product authenticity and the chain of custody along the supply channel offering both GMP and Non-GMP standard extracts, a variety of source countries, extraction and processing methods and content mediums.

Our in house professionals provide transaction management, contract and agreements, due diligence documentation verification and full AML compliance and we are actively promoting the highest international standards and accountability in this area across the whole industry.




Quality and Reliability

Seed to Science adapts to the needs of our partners, letting them focus on their core business, while providing them with an outsourced sales or purchasing function.

Seed to Science has its own international network of professional and experienced specialists who deal direct on behalf of farmers, laboratories, extractors, wholesalers and manufacturers.  Allowing those partners the time to do what they´re best at producing the highest quality product for a demanding market place.

We have grown that network to look after a range of products within the extracts spectrum from seeds, to biomass, to isolate. We take care of sourcing the best products under the specifications of our partners for labs and extractors or sales and distribution channels for farmers and producers.

Seed to Science starts by listening to the requirements and objectives of our partners to better offer a variety of solutions to resolve the needs of all transacting parties, from spot transaction for the one off sale or purchase of a specific product, to longer term offtake agreements, and letters of intent.

We source toll processing or can enable revenue share agreements to allow farmers an enhanced yield on their harvest or fixed futures contracts for guaranteed returns that stabilise cash flow.



Professional & Accountable

Product Selection

– Wide range of high quality Non-THC products
– Choice of source & extraction methods
– Organic, non-pesticide, heavy metal free


– Extraction, growers, import, export licenses pre-verified
– Certification of Authenticity, proof of life
– Samples for independent testing


– International compliance and due diligence from partners
– AML Clearance and documentation
– Proof and source of funds evidence

Documentation Management

– Full legal and contract documentation pack
– NDAs, non-circumvent, purchase and sales orders
– Legal and compliance review

Transaction Management

– Full contract management document exchange
– Registered secure escrow arrangements
– Verification of transaction stages

Freight & Transport

– Integrated specialist freight forwarders
– Customs and import duty clearance
– Insurance cover



Seeds, Biomass and Extracts

We have direct relationships with growers and extraction facilities that allow us to verify product quality, agricultural and manufacturing standards and supply chain integrity. We often carry exclusive offtake agreements, so we can offer competitive wholesale prices and can offer a wide variety of high quality products including:

  • EU and Non-EU Organic Biomass, with high content. GAP and Non-GAP variety of strains.
  • Specialist Non-GMP, GMP and pharma grade distillates and isolates of both CO2 and Ethanol extraction. 
  • Our product range is of Canadian, US, EU and Afican origin and we can source superior quality product tailored to our customer’s requirements upon request.


The main purpose of the vetting process is to assure clarity, integrity and consistency in the products, transaction partners and develop long term relationships on both sides of the trade.

The legal and regulatory environment is moving forward on a global scale but as regulation change there are pitfalls to avoid.

We have become aware of unprofessional practices, counterfeit lab reports or falsified documents and Seed to Science investigates products and counterparties to protect the quality standards and reputation of our partners and their brands.

  • Full and detailed product descriptions
  • Inspection and verification of CoA and lab reports.
  • Due diligence on GMP and ISO claims.
  • Collection and verification of KYC and AML documents
  • Company due diligence and background checks
  • Approved and authorised escrow agents
  • Proven logistic solutions & customs clearance


Legal, Finacial & Freight Forwarding

Transaction management for a substantial international purchase involves a number of interlinking parts and attention to process and detail for the smooth and successful outcome.

Seed to Science follows a tried and tested methodology with professional care attention in the following principle stages:
  • Transaction partner verification, source and destination of funds due diligence and AML compliance.
  • Dispute management protocols, independent quality and content testing to determine pricing and returns policies.
  • Sale and purchase documentation to include drafting or review of contracts, off take agreements and letters of intent, 
  • Financial management through trusted escrow services in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Physical insured freight forwarding and custom clearance services.