A Seed to Science consulted business ticks all the boxes on an investor’s checklist. It is thoroughly researched, clearly identifies its target market, which drives its business model.

The financial modelling is detailed and strategy focused on enterprise value enhancement and risk mitigation.

Seed to Science remains hands on post financing to ensure management´s fulfilment of it business plan and leveraging our network to develop their market and generate sales.

Business Case Checklist

  • Value Proposition
  • Clear business focus
  • Understanding of market dynamics
  • Market sector identification
  • Route to market
  • Defined branding
  • Customer needs
  • Products and services
  • Sales & marketing channels identified
  • Sales strategy

Funding Criteria checklist

  • Pre funding sales agreements
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Intellectual property and patents held
  • Capital expenditure budgeted / use of funds
  • Operational plan detailing build and roll out
  • Financial revenue model
  • Pre & post money valuation
  • Entrepreneurial team complete & motivated
  • Exit Strategy & ROI
Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

Business plan and financing proposal review, financial model audit, project assessment and financial due diligence.


Investment Projects for Financing

Presenting projects that fulfil investor expectations, well thought out, focused and diligently designed businesses.


Investor Acquisition Mandates

Seed to Science can source and structure deals according to our investors remit often combining projects to enhance value.




Seed to Science will bring together qualified and experienced professionals to carry out an in-depth pre-acquisition review of a project or investment proposal, including:

  • Business plan review and financial model audit
  • Project assessment
  • Financial and operational review
  • Exposure and contingent liability assessment
  • Core team background checks


Seed to science comes from an investor focused background, with our expertise in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and so, our approach to projects development is along the following four principles:

  • Selection of projects of the highest quality
  • Ensure correctly and adequately staffed (founder team)
  • Investment ready & clearly identify use of fund
  • Good fit for the investor


Below we outline a selection of the projects with Seed to Science involvement that are seeking funding.

AI & Blockchain diagnostic platform

Project Summary –
Data gathering software for patients using medical marijuana

Beta software developed by listed canadian developer, looking to raise CAD $5.7 to fund expansion and fullfillment of joint venture agreements in Poland, Portugal, Israel, clearly defined market sector revenue model and value proposition.

Natural medicinal facility South Africa

Project Summary –
Expansion of plantation and processing facility

Established organic plantation and extraction facility with alternative medicine focused brand and sales network looking to raise CAD $4.3 million to expand its operations to GAP and ISO 9001 standard and move to wholesale of its high content CBG strain. Growers permit awarded full manufacturing license applied. Complete and experienced management team in place with clear expansion strategy, preferred exit trade sale or listing.

Grow for Growth

Project Summary –
Rural agricultural redevelopment initiative

Seed to Science participative joint venture to launch a regeneration initiative for ailing land reform farms in South Africa, pooling farms and placing them under an experienced technical supervisory umbrella with profit share agreements, mix of aid and government guaranteed loan finance for each farm, crop insurance protection and open supply channels for sales with minimum price sales agreements. Looking for joint venture partners and sponsors with value proposition

Brand development Europe

Project Summary –
Consumer product branding, pricing and distribution channel

Herbal wellness consumer product branding and retail distribution project looking to market a range of popular and tailored consumer products across a variety of verticals for direct manufactured retail brands. Establish distribution channels, retail outlets and online marketing.



Seed to Science has an extensive network of businesses, resources and entrepreneurs in the Cannabis industry.

From consultants to seed suppliers, industry leading extractors, and technology innovators, we respond to our investors needs and criteria and have undertaken project searches from both within our portfolio of partners and externally to the extent to merging or combining projects to respond to market dynamics or investor requirements.

Seed to Science can structure a project, bring in key personnel and partnerships, from purchase and offtake agreements to more integrated partnerships through to innovative delivery methods and approaches to consumer perceptions and branding concepts.

Contact us to address your investment criteria